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The ONELAN Open Platform

Digital signage is about so much more than the player - it's all about the content and how it's managed, and about the management of your network to maximize uptime and minimize the total cost of ownership. The capability, scalability, productivity and ease of use of the CMS are crucial to achieving a successful outcome regardless of the scale of the network. With a ONELAN solution, a network can grow seamlessly from a single stand-alone player, to a small network via our Publisher solution, up to a large-scale network using our CMS for networks of tens of thousands of players. Our Signage in a Box NTB players and Publisher are ideal for those preferring a one-stop-shop solution. ONELAN's player agnostic enterprise CMS gives a choice between the players or screens to match budgets and requirements. The CMS allows a mixed network of players and System-on-Chip (SOC) screens to be managed, including those from LG, Samsung, BrightSign and NEC.

ONELAN Multi-Platform Enterprise Content Management System

The CMS is a powerful content and player management system capable of delivering content to tens of thousands of players. The CMS software leverages decades of development and industry experience to deliver a business tool that makes creating, publishing and managing content simple and dependable. The CMS acts as the central control point for all players and content, and can deliver media rich content in an advanced schedule to multiple players on a global scale.

Enterprise scalability and management

Hosted either in the cloud or on premise. Single or multi-tier architecture for 5000+ end points. Support for a wide range of player platforms. Centralized mechanism for network-wide software updates. Player health monitoring, screen snapshot and issue alarms. Remote configuration of players from a central location. Player/screen failover mechanism. Screen on/off scheduling. Automated backups.

Manage multiple users and roles

Support for multiple concurrent users. Enterprise multi-level control through advanced roles and permissions. In browser preview to review content changes. Content manager and Onsite manager control. Workflow and approval system. LDAP/Active directory integration. Bandwidth management. User audit trail.

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