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ClearOne enhances communication and collaboration for organizations worldwide, from the Fortune 500 to small and medium businesses and institutions. We design, develop, and sell conferencing, collaboration, and network streaming and signage solutions through a global network of expert AV and IT practitioners who specify, install, and support our advanced hardware, software, apps, and cloud solutions. The performance and simplicity of our comprehensive product lines enable unsurpassed levels of functionality, reliability, and scalability. From ad-hoc work spaces and mobile conferences to the largest meeting venues and boardrooms, ClearOne is the best-in-class option for any industry or organization that relies on teamwork and collaboration to be successful. DmfbsPoft!tpguxbsf.cbtfe!wjefp!dpmmbcpsbujpo!tpmvujpot!tfu!uifntfmwft!bqbsu!gspn!bozuijoh!bwbjmbcmf!jo!uif!nbslfu/! Our portfolio features award-winning cloud-based services for video, audio, and data collaboration using any device and low-cost appliances for any size room. DmfbsPof!pggfst!b!cspbe!qpsugpmjp!pg!bxbse.xjoojoh!VD!wpjdf!qspevdut!eftjhofe!up!foibodf!uif!vtfst!vojfe! communications experience, from the desktop to the small working conference room.

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