Big Book OF AV Page 686 Collaboration, Meeting and Huddle Room Products

COLLABORATION, MEETING AND HUDDLE ROOM PRODUCTS 686 Intelligent Zoom (IZ) is a new capability for the award-winning PanaCast 2 camera system. It automatically and dynamically adjusts the camera field of view to the minimum needed to include all the participants in the room within the 180 field of view. IZ is delivered as a software product which runs on the on-board PanaCast video processor in the PanaCast 2 camera system. Advanced Technology Intelligent Zoom is powered by advanced imaging science and computer vision and utilizes face detection technology to detect all visible faces. It maps out the first face from the left and last face to the right of the frame Benefits Automatic and Dynamic Inclusive Zoom for all Participants Works with Popular Video Conferencing Services, Such as Zoom , Microsoft Skype , Cisco Webex, Google Hangouts, etc. Natural, Quiet and Unobtrusive Zoom Enhances Business Collaboration Improves Participant Engagement Field of View Adjustment Follows Human Instinct PanaCast Intelligent Zoom The First Camera-based Automatic Dynamic Inclusive Zoom for Video Collaboration System Configuration Intelligent Zoom is an intelligence software that makes business collaboration easy through innovative technology. Works with all existing video collaboration solutions and does not require users to install any special drivers or applications. Default View - Fully Zoomed Out (180 Horizontal Field of View) A new participant comes into the meeting - Intelligent Zoom automatically adjusts the field of view. One attendee in the meeting room - Intelligent Zoom zooms in on the participant. Video Specifications IZ Maximum Camera Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Real-Time Panoramic Video Stitching Up to 3x Digital Zoom Features 180 Field of View Automatic Zoom and Pan Up to 12' Face Detection Another person joins the meeting - Intelligent Zoom instantly includes all participants.

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