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COLLABORATION, MEETING AND HUDDLE ROOM PRODUCTS 699 Marcus Rosenthal Co-Founder CEO IIya Polyakov Co-Founder CTO About Revolve Robotics Revolve Robotics was founded in 2012 with the mission of improving the interaction and social acceptance of working remotely using cloud-based robotics kubi Compatibility For the best video conferencing experience, we recommend using KUBI with the iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina, or Samsung Galaxy Pro 8.4. KUBI will also work with iPad 3, 4, and Mini. Android Tablets must have Android 4.3 or later and Bluetooth 4.0. Technical Specifications 300 Pan, +/- 45 Tilt RGB Power Button and Status Indicator Mini-USB Cable and AC Power Adapter 2.25" W x 2.25" L x 11.75" H (w/o Base) 340 Grams without Base 680 Grams with Base How kubi works KUBI is compatible with any video conferencing software. Skype, Hangouts, Facetime , WebEx GoToMeeting and many others; your preferred video client will work. Adjustable arms conform to a variety of tablets, from an iPad Mini or a Nexus 7 to iPad Air Bluetooth 4.0 connection means no wires or adapters. Connect to your tablet using the free KUBI app for iOS and Android, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Windows 8 app coming soon. Custom controls are great for group meetings and everyday collaboration. Enjoy precision, tap to center simplicity with Grid Mode, or use Conference Mode to map your conference room layout with saved camera positions. KUBI means "neck" in Japanese. Look around with easy to use pan and tilt controls accessible through any Web browser.

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