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Kramer Provides Solutions for the Following Markets and More

Kramer Electronics provides elegant yet simple cost-effective solutions for virtually every audio, video and control signal management requirement. From presentation, training and classrooms to digital signage applications. From residential use to the demanding requirements of broadcast and post production applications, Kramer provides the "connections" necessary to get the job done properly.

Education Rental and Staging

The modern education market finds communication in various forms - between teachers and students, between the Audio Video products and teachers, between AV products and students, and between AV products themselves. Important live events such concerts, corporate business meetings or industry conferences often rely on top- quality rented equipment. Kramer offers the products necessary to get the job done while leaving a lasting impression.

House of Worship Residential

Audio and visual support in houses of worship is now a well-established practice in many religions. As a result, signal management products - particularly scalers - have become an integral part of worship services throughout the world. Bringing Hollywood right into your living room has never been easier than with today's home theater technology. Consumers have myriad choices in high quality big- screen technology and heart-throbbing surround sound.

Business Government

In the business and corporate markets, presentation and training rooms are the foundation of the ProAV business. At its core, ProAV is about communicating a message to a large group. The exacting requirements of government and military applications include outstanding performance and unfailing reliability. Down time is not an option in these mission critical applications.

Video is a true technical revolution. In a few short years it has totally transformed such diverse fields as home entertainment and commercial news production. It was not that long ago that we were taking 8mm home movies with a 50' roll of film. Processing took a week. Poor lighting produced an underexposed picture, which was lost forever. Editing was cumbersome and the possibilities were very limited. With luck, the movie ran for a few minutes. The definition of video has broadened over the years, and now covers classic video, High Definition video and computer based video and graphics - anything that can be displayed on a screen and viewed. In video, you need only to a push button. There is nothing to develop, wash, or wait for, and results are immediate. The remarkable versatility of video magnetic tape or inexpensive recordable DVDs, plus its low cost and ease of use are the major reasons for its success.

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