Big Book OF AV Page 712 Collaboration, Meeting and Huddle Room Products

COLLABORATION, MEETING AND HUDDLE ROOM PRODUCTS 712 TAG Global Systems TAG Global Systems is leading the industry with a collaborative approach to meet the innovative, high quality technology needs of our clients today. TAG is sought out to fulfill the unique need for the technology enthusiast. The company provides a 65 and an 84 TAG TECSLATE - the largest, fastest, most powerful tablets and rugged mobile devices. TAG Global Systems understands and appreciates the importance of a products quality and reliability. The companys reputation is based on providing bleeding- edge technology products that push the boundaries of conventional thinking. TAG has over 20 years industry experience and valued relationships with innovative Fortune 100 technology leaders, and is confident that what they strive for is well within their reach. TAG has spent years listening to clients feedback to provide innovative products to maximize their technology investments as todays entrepreneurs in technology. REDEFINE COLLABORATION & EXPERIENCE THE TAG TECSLATE TOMORROW'S TECHNOLOGY...TODAY!

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