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TAG TECSLATE Setting Expectations

Experiencing the TAG TECSLATE is the only way to truly appreciate its capabilities. This bleeding edge device is a front line technological must have for any business, luxury, or personal setting. The easiest way to describe it at first glance is a massive tablet, but the TAG TECSLATE is so much more. It comes equipped with an on-board WiFi enabled 16GB Windows 10 PC; one Terabyte (1TB) or 256G SSD of memory; 200 channel digital LCD; video conferencing and quad screen display. Simply calling it a TABLET is like calling a Bugatti a Car.

Communication Ensures Satisfaction

Dedicated professionals will be assigned to serve the needs of you and your team. Pre-screening and post-delivery communication is made with you to ensure complete satisfaction of the delivery and setup of your TAG TECSLATE. We value your time, cooperation and commitment to this cutting edge technology and we welcome your feedback to ensure our standards of service are met.

Strategic Training Series

To truly gain the full benefit of the TAG TECSLATE, we have put together a training series for you and your team. We believe that through consistent training it will be become a valuable asset to your operation. The series consists of on-site training sessions at your location and unlimited webinars so your team can participate and learn how to maximize the TAG TECSLATE for projects, presentations, video conference calls, and collaborative sessions. The topics can be customized for specific opportunities and any application you have. ar.

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