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Who is Mediasite?

Mediasite by Sonic Foundry is the global leader for video capture, management and streaming solutions. Trusted by more than 4,700 educational institutions, corporations, health organizations and government entities in over 65 htzsywnjx1!ymj!Rjinfxnyj!{nijt!uqfyktwr!vznhpq~!fsi!htxy2jfjhyn{jq~!fzytrfyjx!ymj!hfuyzwj1!rfsfljrjsy1!ijqn{jw~!fsi! xjfwhm!tk!qn{j!fsi!ts2ijrfsi!xywjfrnsl!{nijtx3!Qjfinsl!wjxjfwhm!wrx!Fwflts1!Ktwwjxyjw1!\fnsmtzxj!fsi!Kwtxy!fsi! Sullivan recognize Sonic Foundry as a leader in enterprise video, webcasting and lecture capture. Learn more at www. sonicfoundry.com and @mediasite.

Mediasite Join

RECORD, STREAM AND MANAGE VIDEO AND WEB CONFERENCES Zsnji!htrrzsnhfynts!nx!mt !ytif~x!gjxy!yjfrx1!gzxnsjxxjx!fsi!xhmttqx! collaborate, exchange ideas and get things done. But too often great ideas, subject matter expertise and important details are forgotten or left behind when a video call or presentation ends. Mediasite Join automatically records, streams and manages everything said and shown so users can always refer back to important discussions, course materials, training details or missed rjjynslx3! Rjinfxnyjx! xjhzwj! fsi! hjsywfqnji! {nijt! utwyfq! j}ufsix! ymj! wjfhm!fsi!zxjkzqsjxx!tk!~tzw!twlfsnfyntsx!if~2yt2if~!htrrzsnhfynts!fsi! collaboration tools. RECORD AND STREAM ANY CALL L! Simply invite Mediasite Join to your video call or meeting. L! Record multipoint H.323 calls with synchronized H.239 content. L! Deliver the same interactive video experience to all mobile, laptop and computer users. L! Deepen viewer engagement with polls, bookmarks, sharing, post-video surveys, related links and more.

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