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COLLABORATION, MEETING AND HUDDLE ROOM PRODUCTS 726 Visual collaboration can refer to videoconferencing, local or distant interactive whiteboarding, or simply presenting a spreadsheet to your team locally. For many years these disparate but related technologies required separate pieces of equipment. When you wanted to videoconference you needed some rather expensive and specialized gear. Want to do some interactive whiteboard work? Another piece of equipment and not necessarily compatible with your videoconferencing equipment. How about simply wanting to present your laptop screen to your team in the same room? Yes, another piece of gear and compatibility could raise issues again. Todays Videoconference? No problem. Using any of the Windows compatible applications such as Bluejeans, Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Vidyo, etc., a PC of today is every bit as practical and capable as the dedicated codec of yesterday. Interactive whiteboard? Local presentation? Easy, not an issue. Again, the market is ready for interactive whiteboarding on a Windows PC today, and to simply and quickly present from your laptop to the display device in the visual collaboration space. Just having the right type and configuration of a room PC easily enables users to be up and presenting in moments- wirelessly and without complicated dongles. VDO360 Presents the Evolution of the Visual Collaboration Space

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