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Next-Generation Performance, Control and Value The Clarity Matrix !H4!MDE!Wjefp!Xbmm!Tztufn!jt!uif!vmujnbuf! LCD video wall solution for applications seeking the very best visual performance and mission-critical reliability. Clarity Matrix G3 features a unique design that optimizes the thinnest bezel LCD in the industry with 24x7 operation, minimal installation depth and tjnqmjfe!eftjho-!jotubmmbujpo!boe!tfswjdf/!Xjui!b!ujmfe!cf{fm!bt! small as 1.7mm, Clarity Matrix G3 includes the integrated Planar FbtzByjt! Npvoujoh! Tztufn! boe! bo! pgg.cpbse! fmfduspojdt! boe! power supply architecture, reducing total-cost of ownership while delivering the most reliable LCD video wall solution. Next-generation LCD video wall system with built-in video wall processing. !Fyusfnf!obsspx!cf{fm!MDE!wjefp!xbmm!.!2/8nn!ujmfe!cf{fm!xjeui-!bwbjmbcmf!jo!57!boe!66/ !Gfbuvsft!XbmmEjsfdups!Tpguxbsf!gps!tjnqmjfe!jotubmmbujpo-!npojupsjoh!boe!wjefp!xbmm!nbobhfnfou/ !Foibodfe!Cvjmu.jo!Qmbobs !Cjh!Qjduvsf!Qmvt!Qspdfttjoh!tvqqpsut!5L!bu!vq!up!71I{!boe!tdbmjoh!bdsptt!wjefp!xbmm! or separate sections of video wall. Mission-critical off-board electronics and hot-swappable redundant power supplies for 24x7 reliability. !Jodmveft!Qmbobs !FbtzByjt!Npvoujoh!Tztufn!gps!qsfdjtf!bmjhonfou!boe!uijooftu!qspmf!jotubmm!efqui!pg!4/7/ Available with Planar !FSP!qspufdujwf!hmbtt-!cfs!wjefp!fyufotjpo-!qbttjwf!4E!boe!joufsbdujwf!nvmuj.upvdi! models.

Clarity Matrix G3 MX

Designed for Demanding, High Ambient Light Applications The Clarity Matrix !H4!NY!MDE!Wjefp!Xbmm!Tztufn!nffut!uif!efnboet-!njttjpo.dsjujdbm!bqqmjdbujpot!xjui!ijhifs!bncjfou! light conditions. Clarity Matrix G3 MX combines high 800-nit brightness and ultra-narrow bezel LCDs with next-generation improvements to video processing, installation, management and off-board electronics design, delivering an industry- leading video wall solution for improved visibility in bright ambient light environments. Clarity Matrix G3 MX boasts the industry's narrowest bezels, with tiled bezel widths as small as 1.7mm between adjacent LCD displays, for a nearly seamless video wall solution. Clarity Matrix G3 MX delivers no-compromise visual performance with superb image rvbmjuz-!qfsgfdumz!bmjhofe!qbofmt!boe!vmusb!ijhi!sftpmvujpo/!Ju!bmtp!jodmveft!uif!Qmbobs !FbtzByjt!Npvoujoh!Tztufn-! xijdi!qspwjeft!bo!jotubmmfe!efqui!pg!kvtu!4/7!):2nn*!uif!uijooftu!jo!uif!joevtuszgps!qfsgfdu!qbofm.up.qbofm!bmjhonfou/


Explore by Model Diagonal Tiled Bezel Width Resolution Brightness 46" and 55" 1920 x 1080 1.7mm - 3.7mm 800 nits 500 nits MX LX 46" and 55" 46" 1920 x 1080 1.7mm - 3.7mm 3.7mm 500 - 800 nits 500 nits MultiTouch 3D

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