Big Book OF AV Page 741 Collaboration, Meeting and Huddle Room Products

COLLABORATION, MEETING AND HUDDLE ROOM PRODUCTS 741 ENTERPRISE SYSTEM CONTROL MANAGEMENT Rest API for CMGS System Requirements Our Collaborative ManagementSuite (CMGS) is specifically designed for enterprise clients who need a robust solution for managing wePresent models in a large deployment environment. Monitor Your Environment Monitor the health and status of individual units from all your locations. Update and Configure Power cycle, adjust settings and install firmware to one or multiple units remotely. Schedule Change Schedule and monitor status of updates and configurations deployed to units. User Management Create unique users with their own permissions levels and unique history logs. Utilizing Rest API, wePresent control system commands can be seamelssly integrated within your existing enterprise AV management software. Seamlessly monitor, manage and diagnose wePresent presentation gateways from your current system's web interface or a touch panel. Operating System: Linux Processor: AMD64 or Intel 64 (AMD64 Architecture) RAM: 2GB Hard Disc Space: 32GB free Video Memory: 4MB Minimum Video Outputs: 1 Network Interfaces: 1 Collaborative ManagementSuite

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