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COLLABORATION, MEETING AND HUDDLE ROOM PRODUCTS 744 WiPG-1600 The WiPG-1600 is an education-focused wireless presentation system that can work equally well for meeting rooms where collaborative technology - such as touch displays or interactive whiteboards - already exists. The wePresent connects to any display, is capable of supporting full 1080p resolution and 30 FPS video, and works with Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computers, as well as iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices. A 64-user queue allows the presenter to display up to four connected devices simultaneously, while a Web moderator control allows them to select which devices to display, and where to display them. Cross-Platform BYOD Capability Works with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and now, ChromeBook! Output via VGA or HDMI in glorious 1080p Connect the WiPG-1600 to any HDMI/VGA display or projector and choose any resolution up to 1920x1080. iOS Mirroring via AirPlay Your iOS device can connect via Apple AirPlay without the use of any additional software, allowing full device mirroring. Conference Control Manage up to 64 connected users (via a web administrator panel) to choose who is presenting and where. SharePod Compatible The SharePod allows you to stream any device with an HDMI output to your wePresent wireless presentation hardware. SidePad and USB input control Use your tablet or Smartphone to wirelessly control the projecting computer, or use a keyboard and mouse connected via the USB ports. WebSlides Users connected to the wePresent can view and download your presentation, allowing them to follow along at their own pace. Touch Support Most UOIP single- and multi-touch devices are supported. AES 128-bit Encryption / HTTPS Browser Encryption Keep your network safe and your data secure with enterprise encryption built into the device. Customizable Startup and Standby Screens Add your institutions logo to both the screensaver and the standby screen! Special features: -

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