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COLLABORATION, MEETING AND HUDDLE ROOM PRODUCTS 746 Audio quality matters, and Yamaha Commercial Audio products have provided the highest level of quality in the most discerning listening environments for over 50 years. From the world's top symphony venues to the most demanding concert tours, Yamaha delivers great sound and unmatched reliability. Our CIS line of products for the enterprise AV market bring our years of experience and trusted sound quality to everyday listeners. Yamaha MRX7-D and MTX5-D DSP proces- sors feature the world's finest auto-mixer for higher microphone gain before feedback and reduced background noise, network connectivity, scheduling, speech privacy, and much more. Many options for control from wireless apps (iOS and Android), to wired-wall controllers provide a simple and reliable user experience that is highly customizable. In addition, our full line of amplifiers and speakers effortlessly work together providing quality sound and performance. Every effort has been made to create a system that provides the integrator with a fast, simple, and intuitive installation process that will provide the customer with years of dependable service. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that Yamaha will be there to stand behind you for many years to come. Collaboration Meeting Rooms and Huddle Rooms - MRX7-D and MTX5-D MTX5-D and MRX7-D

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