Big Book OF AV Page 759 Network Security and Surveillance

NETWORK SECURITY AND SURVEILLANCE 759 NETWORK Guardian The FIREFX Network Guardian is a unique military-grade solution combining hardware and software to address one of the fastest-growing concerns today. That being cyber-security and securing the Internet of Things (IoT). This automated unified threat monitoring appliance is able to perform multiple security functions within one single platform: High Performance Cyber Security Unified Threat IoT Router/Firewall with 976mb throughput on a 1gb connections at full protection. Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (IDPS) continuously monitors the network for malicious activity, security threats and policy violations. Fully pre-configured VPN server that extends access to a private network across public networks. Gateway antivirus, anti-spam and malware detection. Tailor made for ProAV smarthome and business automation systems. Technical Specifications 976mb throughput on a 1gb connection at full protection. VLAN separation out of the box. Quad Core Intel processor 4gb RAM desktop, 8gb rAM Rackmount Pre-configured VPN server and MAC/PC/phone client for integrator remote access. Automated, military grade intrusion detection/protection system (IDPS) inspects all traffic for threats. Unified threat monitoring appliance. Geo-blocking, reputation, white list, and black listing. 4 port desktop , 6 port 1U rackmount. Encryption speed 8gb/sec on desktop, 10gb/sec on rackmount. Supports up to 8 million concurrent connections. Business-class Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall. FXNGD4 (4 Port desktop Network Guardian UTM) FXNGR6 (6 Port rack mounted Network Guardian UTM) FXNG-R6 FXNG-D4

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