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FIREFX brings together all your movies and TV shows in a visually stunning library making it beautifully simple to access and enjoy movies that truly matter to you. With award winning performance, stability and support. FIREFX Media Systems have racked up six Media Server Product of the Year Awards over the last four years winning a Mark of Excellence (MOE) in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and being named Electronic House Magazine's Media Server of the Year in 2015 and 2016 Modular System : Build the custom system your customer needs a-la-carte. Select your storage format and size, player format, and even add a media import device if desired. Upgrades are backward compatible (i.e. upgrading to a 4K player in the future does not require replacing the storage device, just the player). Flexible Media Sources : Download media from an on-line store, import media with the FIREFX RIMP, or import your digital media with an existing platform or software you already own. As long as the media is not DRM protected, our system will probably play it. Huge RAID Protected Storage : Our massive HUB storage devices are all protected by a Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID). FIREFX HUB can survive a disk failure and continue to operate normally until that disk is replaced. Desktop And/Or Rack Mount : Rack mount your R-Series HUB, PLAYs, and RIMP for HDMI matrix operation or use our D-Series with Ethernet drops in each room. Mix and match FIREFX components as needed (i.e. you can add a D-Series PLAY to an R-Series system to add coverage in a room that has a CAT5/6 drop but not an HDMI matrix drop. Stream Media To Portable Devices : Stream digitized media from your HUB to your smart phones, tablets, PCs, and other streaming devices via network or Internet connection. Support For All Major Control Systems : TCP/IP drivers for SAVANT, RTI, Control 4, Elan, Crestron, etc. Supports IR control via MCE remote with USB IR receiver. Automated Setup : Patent pending automated setup. All of our devices automatically find the HUB on the network and self-configure, mounting media shares and saving configurations on the HUB.

4K Media Players (Requires HUB Media Storage)* 4K-DPLAY (FFXPLAY desktop series) FFXB-D4K 4K-RPLAY (FFXPLAY rack mounted) FFXB-R4K 4K-2xRPLAY (2xFFXPLAY rack mounted) FFXB-R4K2 Opcal Media Import System (Requires HUB Media Storage)* IMP (Rack mounted or desktop series) FXDD-RI Standard 1U HUB Media Storage Systems* R6HUB (FFXHUB rack mounted 6TB) FFXH-R6 R12HUB (FFXHUB rack mounted 12TB) FFXH-R12 R20HUB (FFXHUB rack mounted 20TB) FFXH-R20 Custom HUB Media Storage Systems (Require 26" deep cabinet)* RC15HUB (FFXHUB rack mounted 15TB 2U) FFXH-RC15 RC30HUB (FFXHUB rack mounted 30TB 2U) FFXH-RC30 RC60HUB (FFXHUB rack mounted 60TB 2U) FFXH-RC60 Super Custom HUB Media Storage Systems (Require 26" deep cabinet) RC60HUB-A (FFXHUB rack mounted 60TB 3U) FFXH-RC60A RC100HUB (FFXHUB rack mounted 100TB 3U) FFXH-RC100 RCX220HUB (FFXHUB rack mounted 220TB 4U) FFXH-RCX220

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