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NETWORK SECURITY AND SURVEILLANCE 769 OP500 ConnectedLife Camera The OP500 ConnectedLife HD Camera is a feature rich, easy to install, High Definition home monitoring solution. With 720p resolution, two-way audio, local storage, thermal sensing, and night vision, the OP500 delivers a superset features when compared to the competition. The OP500 implements HomePlug Power Line Communications (PLC) technology. This technology leverages the home's electrical wiring to create a whole home communications network, which provides the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to installation. Any outlet in the home can be used to install the OP500 cameras without the worry of poor network quality. Unlike Wi-Fi, the OP500 cameras can be installed in those hard to reach places without interfering with other devices on your home network, while still delivering HD quality video to your tablet or smart phone. Your Connected Life. Made Simple. Leverages the home's electrical wiring to provide the most robust, yet easy-to-install D-I-Y home monitoring solution in the market. OP500 Camera App available for Android and iOS. High-Definition, 720p video on mobile and tablet devices. QR code scan support for installation; No PC required! Two-way audio via a built in speaker and microphone. Secure video storage via microSD card preventing cloud storage of personal video. Password protected access to cameras to ensure privacy. Video playback and activity alerts on mobile and tablet devices. Environmental monitoring through a built-in thermal sensor. Controllable, multi-color night light. Monitor dark rooms with enhanced night vision. Built-In Temp Sensors for Environmental Monitoring Real-Time Motion and Temperature Alerts Wide-Angle HD Video Monitoring Two-Way Talk Built-In Speaker Multi-Color LED Night Light Built-In Secure Video and Audio Recording Neurona OP500 Camera App

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