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The Samsung-Wisenet SmartCam PT is designed to help you stay connected to your home wherever you are. It gives you the ability to watch your pets and children, or check to see if everything is safe and sound through your smartphone and tablet. The Pan and Tilt feature gives you full visibility of your home with a 350 pan and 155 tilt, along with a 96 ield of view. It also offers 16' of night vision, providing you with an exceptional view of your home, day and night. Motion Zone Select ensures you are receiving real-time alerts of activities in selected areas, making it easier for you to stay connected to your home. And when you're away, you can interact with your family and pets over Two-Way Talk. The SmartCam PT will bring innovation to your home on a whole new level. Pan/Tilt -The remote Pan/Tilt feature increases the visibility of your home from any angle. It is crafted so you can easily monitor your home from your smartphone. The camera remotely pans 350 and tilts 155. With a wider and better coverage, you'll be able to see more than ever. Auto Tracking -You can remotely track any object or subject within the SmartCam's view with the auto tracking feature. Just activate the auto tracker feature on your smartphone or tablet and it will automatically track the closet moving object or subject. And you can keep an eye on your pet or children to make sure they aren't causing trouble when you're away. Privacy Mode -Monitoring your home every second isn't always necessary to some people. Your home may not need 24 hour monitoring, especially if you are home, therefore, the Privacy Mode was integrated into the camera to give you the space you want. Simply put your camera onto privacy mode, and the camera head will tilt 80 down to hide the lens. Remote viewing and recording abilities will be disabled for the time being. Motion Zone Select -The Motion Zone Select feature detects events in the selected areas chosen by you. You can select up to three motion zones within the camera's field of view. So if your kids are home from school or your pet is running into the kitchen, the SmartCam will detect it and notify you immediately. You'll always have instant access to your home when away and be aware without the constant false alarms. SNH-V6410PN Samsung-Wisenet SmartCam PT Full HD Wi-Fi Pan/Tilt Camera

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