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AV Bridge Solutions

AV Bridge MatrixMIX Multipurpose AV Switcher

Stream Your Live Events to UC Applications

Stream, elevate and orchestrate video content for anything from presentations to live events to UCC applications - with industry-leading simplicity and technology. Together with Vaddio's PCC MatrixMIX Controller (999-5755-000), and TeleTouch 27 USB Touch-Screen Multiviewer (999-80000-027), plus Vaddio cameras, audio divices and trigger sensors, you can create customized solutions for a host of applications.



The technology in AV Bridge MATRIX PRO bridges the gap between PC applications and AV equipment. Now you can connect multiple cameras, microphones, displays and control, mix, switch and capture all from a single device. Users retain all cthe capabilities of a traditional conference room with the added capability of USB conferencing and IP streaming. Now improved with larger resolution, better image quality - 1080p/60.

Why have a full rack of gear when one device can do it all? Compatible with:



Works in multiple applications - live production, automated presentation and unified conferencing and collaboration. Multi-functional feature set - combines switching, advanced camera control, streaming and graphics mixing capabilities. Enhance live events with seamless switching of cameras and media content. Easy to use - create a first-rate production without extensive training. 8x2 video mixer that also provides multiviewer outputs 11x7 audio mixer supports analog, HDMI, USB and IP audio channels. Embedded RTSP IP and USB 3.0 output streaming. Two graphic keying layers per output channel for overlay graphics or motion graphics over live video feed. All-in-one AV room solution. AV Switcher with simultaneous USB and IP streaming. Simplified camera switching capabilities. Four input video switcher. Three built-in Quick-Connect camera extensions. 8x4 Audio Matrix Four Mic / Line Inputs with individual echo cancellation channels. Four EasyMic ports for use with EasyUSB MicPOD divices Easy, intuitive web-based user interface for programming, control and management. USB joystick camera control through the web interface. RoboSHOT 12 AVBMP (999-9900-500), RoboSHOT 30 AVBMP (999-9910-500) and ZoomSHOT AVBMP (999-6920-000) EasyMic Table MicPOD with Keypad (Black 999-8500-000 or White 999-8500-000W) EasyMic Ceiling MicPOD (Black 999-8515-000 or White 999-8510-000) EasyUSB Pro MIC I/O (999-8520-000)

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