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The VDO360 CompassX (model VPTZH-04) is without doubt, the best USB 2.0 camera on the market today and better than almost all USB 3.0 cameras as well! A compact form factor results in a camera that is not intimidating to the "near-end" users, while its smooth motion and true 30 frames of full HD images give the "far-end" viewers a truly natural experience. For ease of installation we have pushed the capabilities of USB 2.0 to the max- this means it is easily extended (up to 50m with the VDO360 Springline extender) while at the same time working with every platform. 10x optical zoom. Belt drive for ultra smooth, quiet motion in all directions. RS-232 Control - serial connection for external control systems. Camera preset positioning. Up to 255 discrete camera positions! UVC over USB control. Enables far end camera control when available in your software codec. PC desktop control program (download for free from our website). Dual IR receivers: one in base and one in lens assembly. IR controls include a Video Mute and power on/off. Accu-pan and tilt for ease of motion control. Available with our VMOUNT-01 versatile wall or set top mount and VUSBEXT-U USB 2.0 extender as the Integrators Package VPTZHP-04 for an additional 5% savings! Introducing the award winning AutoPilot! The VDO360 Autopilot is an advanced presenter tracking solution leveraging the latest technology in facial recognition and motion tracking algorithms. No fobs, transmitters, receivers, coded badges, or external triangulation devices required. The Autopilot "sees" the presenter and follows with uncanny precision. The Autopilot package features our Saber PTZ camera with: 12x optical zoom. Low light ability. Excellent image quality even at low lux of 0.01 lux. Larger FOV at 72.5 degrees with no video distortion. Belt drive technology - twin motors for smooth, quiet and fast movement. Reverse mountable, standard tripod screw on bottom of unit. DVI-I (HDMI) andUSB 3.0 output. Full function remote control. An Intel NUC mini PC provides the processing power for the Perfect Track software: Intel Core i3 4GB RAM SSD Hard Drive Windows 10 Professional Also included is a wall/display mount and all necessary cables. An optional addition is a USB 3.0 video capture device. Perfect Track is our software that uses advanced image processing to recognize individuals in the Sabers video stream. The sophisticated tracking algorithms far surpass any other solution on the market in terms of accuracy and consistency. Once a user is recognized, Perfect Track intelligently controls the camera to smoothly follow that user. No tracking beacons, operators, or excessive equipment needed. The Perfect Track software comes pre-installed on the NUC computer and has a simple to use interface with one time setup.

CompassX - Looking for a Rock-Solid USB Camera? You Found It! ISE2018 VideoConferencing Accessory Best in Show


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