Big Book OF AV Page 786 Body Cameras and Action Cameras

BODY CAMERAS AND ACTION CAMERAS 786 Neurona is enabling a connected lifestyle for the masses by delivering do-it-yourself home monitoring, security, and video recording products which are simple to install and even easier to use. The explosive growth in mobile and tablet shipments is putting more capability into the hands of consumers today than super computers delivered just 20 years ago. The mobile device has now become life's remote control, and new innovative applications are born every day which leverage this powerful platform. Neurona's ConnectedLife Camera and OpticHD video recording sunglasses are unique, feature rich products which deliver pristine video quality, and easy-to- use features thanks to Neurona's OP500 and OpticHD mobile applications. Whether you are keeping an eye on your home on your Smartphone with the OP500 ConnectedLife Camera, or recording your off-road biking journey through the Rocky Mountains using your OpticHD video recording sunglasses, capturing important moments on video has never been easier. Visit products/op500.html for more information Your Connected Life. Made Simple. Home Security and Monitoring Video Recording Sunglasses

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