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"Vidyo allows the right subject-maer expert to be available to the member, regardless of a physical branch. They are able to help the member faster and get them the service they need as quickly as possible." A Customer-Facing Video Soluon

Engagement is More than Meengs

Drive Customer Sasfacon Build Your Brand Across Channels

Customers feel more engaged and emoonally connected over video than any other digital medium, resulng in beer understanding and deeper trust. With skills-based call roung, you can match customer or paent needs with the right agent, allowing your team to inbound calls. Seamlessly integrate a professionally branded video experience into your organizaon's website, mobile app, or on-locaon kiosk. Face-to-face interacons build trust and improve customer sasfacon, delivering beer outcomes. Advanced end-to-end workflows and integraons are the keys to powering seamless, high-impact video experiences for paents, customers, or high-value clients.

"Vidyo.io draws on Vidyo's long history of innovaon, making its technology available to many more use cases. When it comes to embedding video into business applicaons, vidyo.io stands out as the premier plaorm on which enterprises should rely."

-Dave Michels, Founder and Principal Analyst of TalkingPointz

APIs to Embed Video Communicaon into Any App

Rapidly Embed Video Into Your App

Faster Time to Market Unburden Your Developers Opmized Performance

Dramacally simplify building cross-plaorm interacve video with consistent APIs, resulng in less me learning new APIs and fewer bugs. With a communicaon plaorm-as- a-service, your developers can focus on building a great app rather than needing to become video experts. With Vidyo's patented adapve video layering, you automacally get an opmized video experience for each user, for the best possible performance on any device. Bring human interacon to your app by adding high-quality video communicaons. Using vidyo.io APIs you can rapidly embed rich, real-me video into mobile, desktop, web apps, and IoT devices.

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