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Financial Services: High value clients or interactions done directly over video, improving net promoter scores Healthcare: Allow remote patients access to specialists or caregivers Field Services: "See what I see" using mobile device or smart glasses Insurance: See damage directly over video without sending adjuster

Business Challenge

Establish an emotional connection with your customers with face-to- face interactions Include subject matter experts in a multi-party video conference Share a document or application to clear up issues Use already built skills based routing to connect with the best available agent Escalate from a web chat or voice call straight to Video with click of a button Click-to-video from webpage or mobile application

Use Cases

Vidyo Solution

Improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and reduce customer churn with high quality video

VidyoEngage for Genesys

In today's customer-centric business environment, the ability to emotionally connect with customers gives businesses a clear competitive advantage. Not only does a positive customer experience improve customer satisfaction and net promoter scores, it also fosters repeat customers, increases revenue and sales, and reduces customer churn. This challenge is most evident in the contact center environment. A contact center is a critical point of direct contact with the consumer and a defining moment in their customer experience. While the charter of many contact centers is to resolve customer problems, savvy businesses are leveraging these challenges and turning them into opportunities by building customer relationships and uncovering customer needs, beyond problem resolution. If these customer relationships are not effectively nurtured and developed, businesses lose out on their ability to cross-sell and up-sell value added products and services, impacting top-line revenues. Recognizing the potential financial impact of these opportunities, businesses are evaluating new approaches to personally connecting their contact center agents with customers. The omnichannel approach, which leverages the full integration of voice, video, web-chat, e-mail, and social media within a contact center, is quickly becoming the gold standard of customer engagement. The VidyoEngage for Genesys is a solution that provides a personal touch to the contact center that will elevate customer/agent interaction. With communications and understanding improved through the use of video, agents can resolve tickets quicker, increase net promoter score and effectively meet other KPIs. The ability to share desktop applications from both sides of the conversation improves upsell opportunities, all while delivering an added level of collaboration to high value customer and agent interactions. The VidyoEngage transitions a voice, chat, and webpage interaction into a true omnichannel experiences at no cost to the end customer. This experience is easily accessible form one of the following scenarios: webchat escalation of video, voice escalation to video, and click to video chat from webpage or mobile applications. Unlike other solutions, the VidyoEngage delivers a high quality end user experience, regardless of available bandwidth. Providing content sharing, and the options to begin a video chat directly on a webpage without downloads or plugins, including multiparty video conferencing. The VidyoEngage for Genesys integrates Genesys contact centers and Vidyo Conferencing, enabling high definition, scalable video to enhance agent and customer interactions. The integration is seamless within the Genesys contact center, making video interactions frictionless within the flow of interactions between a customer and an agent.

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