Big Book OF AV Page 795 Drones, Drone Video Systems and UAVs

J OIN TH E REVOLU TION DRONE VIDEO SYSTEMS Construction Drones are being used to conduct cutting edge research, use in precision agriculture, 3D mapping, facilitate building inspections / monitor construction, and also expand STEM opportunities for schools. Drones are now being utilized in facility management, so help cut time, and increase safety on job sites. Drones are becoming an integral part of television and film production and live event production such as capturing unique footage of sporting or public events. Education & Research Inspections Drones can be used to aid in oil line inspections, capacity planning, site monitoring, inspection, safety, and discovery. Whether they are being used to inspect transportation, mapping & surveying, agriculture, or mining operations, the value of drones is unmatched when saving time and money. They are also commonly used to inspect real estate properties commercial & residential Surveillance Production Drones are now helping in fire protection, search & rescue, with first responders, in perimeter security, along with disaster management. Drones are revolutionizing safety. Law Enforcement SEE HOW DRONES CAN ELEVATE YOUR BUSINESS WWW.DRONEVIDEOSYSTEMS.COM

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