Big Book OF AV Page 798 Drones, Drone Video Systems and UAVs

DRONES, DRONE VIDEO SYSTEMS AND UAVS 798 UNIQUE DESIGN NO COMPROMISES Performance and beauty are the cornerstones of the Altura Zenith. The structure was designed to enclose electrical components of the highest quality in a streamlined manner. PROPULSION BRUTE FORCE The Zenith is equipped with 4 or 8 brushless motors to enable optimal torque, rpm and energy efficiency ratios. The brushless motors combined with efficient 16" propellers exert more than 16kg of vertical thrust. FLIGHT TIME CUSTOMIZED OPTIMIZATION The Zenith is designed to deliver the optimal ratio of flight time and payload for your particular application. Hidden within a super flat fuselage design, the Zenith carries a 20.000 mAh battery, which facilitates up to 35 minutes of flight-time.

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