Big Book OF AV Page 799 Drones, Drone Video Systems and UAVs

DRONES, DRONE VIDEO SYSTEMS AND UAVS 799 SENSOR COMPATABILITY HD Day Vision Photo HD Day Vision Video Thermal Imaging Multi-Spectral VOC / Gas Monitor Nuclear Radiation Lidar WIDEST PAYLOAD COMPATABILITY ON THE MARKET The Zenith is highly compatible and can be equipped with a wide variety of payloads, such as DSLR or cinema cameras, special sensors like thermal imaging, UV or multispectral cameras, air quality measurement sniffers and microphones. There are no restrictions in flexibility. The Zenith will suit your application. ALTURA ZENITH PAYLOADS WIDEST PAYLOAD COMPATIBILITY ON THE MARKET SWAP PAYLOADS EASILY EASILY ATTACH PAYLOAD GIMBALS AND SENSORS MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY THE MARKET UM FLEXIBILITY

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