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System Configuration Space Two to 128 outputs per display wall. Multiple display walls. Two to thousands of inputs. Unlimited desktop clients (no licensing). Configuration Simple web-based setup and configuration. Distributed: no central point of failure. Backup and restore from local disk. Setup sources and default behaviors. Full system monitoring, including historical data. Network readiness indicator provides visual feedback that the programmed network configuration supports multicast traffic. Network Security Trusted for use in Critical Infrastructure Monitoring Strong password management Encrypted Control Network Application Port Management User Access and Event Logging System Data Encryption and Update Protection Threat Notification Inputs and Encoding Capture SL-DVI to 1920 x 1200 and encode to H.264. Capture stereo audio with video. Support HDCP inputs such as Blu-ray. Support soft KVM over USB HID connection. Outputs and Decoding Define and setup display walls via web-based management software and drag and drop configuration. Support for: Bezel Compensation Display Overlap for Blended Applications Display Rotation 12 High Definition Decodes per Christie Phoenix Node Window Borders and Labeling Background Image Christie Phoenix Software Powerful, Intuitive Interface Display Walls Sources Favorites Layouts Users Organization tools for managing, accessing and searching thousands of sources efficiently. Display Wall Simulator Advanced window management tools. Interactive mode with soft KVM support. Layout management. Christie Phoenix Viewer (Local Display of Video) Window Borders and Title Support Soft KVM Audio-Only Playback Messaging platform with content sharing. Login and authentication saved user state. Managed user access to displays and sources. Quick Control - Enables users to select layouts and change sources quickly from PCs and smart devices. Unique layouts for each display array. Third-Party Control, APIs and Protocols Full integration API. Simplified CLI protocol for control systems and touch panels. Integrate event-based control with video management systems. Audio input A Audio output Audio input B DisplayPort RS-232 USB Ethernet 1 USB Ethernet 2 KVM A KVM B DVI Input A DVI Output A DVI Input B DVI Output B Network Sync Input Network Sync Output

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