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The Wisenet SmartCam N2 is designed to be the ideal security solution fo your home. With intelligent features including Gbdf!Sfdphojujpo-!Ivnbo!Efufdujpo-!boe!Bcopsnbm!Tpvoe!Efufdujpo-!zpvmm!hfu!tnbsufs!boe!npsf!bddvsbuf!opujdbujpot! boe!mftt!btf!bmfsut-!foibodjoh!zpvs!ipnf!npojupsjoh!dbqbcjmjujft/!Zpvmm!bmtp!cf!bcmf!up!difdl!jo!po!zpvs!gbnjmz!ipnf! around-the-clock and ward off intruders using Two-Way Talk. The SmartCam N2 captures high-resolution footage in 3.nfhbqjyfm-!boe!xjui!gfbuvsft!mjlf!Ojhiu!Wjtjpo!boe!Xjef!Ezobnjd!Sbohf-!zpvmm!hfu!dmfbs!boe!dsjtqfs!gppubhf-!ebz!boe! ojhiu/!Xifuifs!zpvsf!ipnf!ps!bxbz-!zpvmm!bmxbzt!cf!bcmf!up!difdl!jo!po!zpvs!ipnf!gspn!bozxifsf-!bozujnf/! Face Recognition - Sfdfjwf!opujdbujpot!ejsfdumz!po!zpvs!tnbsu!qipof!xifo!uif!TnbsuDbn!O3! detects human faces. Create a list of your favorite faces and get alerts when the SmartCam N2 recognizes them. Night Vision - Get razor-sharp images every time. The SmartCam N2 accurately corrects low-light wjefp!boe!qspevdft!dmfbs!gppubhf!fwfo!jo!qjudi.cmbdl!ebsloftt!vq!up!27!)6n*/ Human Detection - With advanced video analytics, SmartCam N2 can identify and differentiate human activity from animals or other objects in your home. Human Detection eliminates false motion alerts triggered by pets or objects such as your dog walking around in the living room. Abnormal Sound Detection - Uif!TnbsuDbn!O3!dbquvsft!tjhojdbou!tpvoet-!tvdi!bt!tjsfot-!hmbtt! breaking, and screaming with Abnormal Sound Detection, and sends an alert to notify you of the detected event that took place in your home. SNH-P6416BN SmartCam N2 Home Security Camera with Face Recognition

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