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7" capacitive touchscreen with intuitive swipe/scroll/touch-based user interface. 5MP panel camera capable of capturing disarm photos and alarm videos and sending them to your phone. Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset includes quad core processor, LTE, Wi-Fi ac, built-in router, Android 5 OS. Cloud token authentication ensures all processes are truly secure. S-Line secure 319.5 radio connects to authenticated sensors putting security back into security. Cmvfuppui!upvdimftt!ejtbsnjoh!bmmpxt!zpv!up!qbjs!vq!up!wf!tnbsuqipoft!gps! secure, authenticated disarming without taking your phone out of your purse. Built-in panel Glass Break uses microphones and complex algorithms to detect the sound of breaking glass. Interactive services powered by Alarm.com give you mobile apps on any platform and enable powerful features like geo-fences, scenes, and opujdbujpot/ Dual path connectivity uses Wi-Fi ac and LTE simultaneously for speed, fyjcjmjuz!boe!sfevoebodz/ Panel turns into a customizable photo frame when not in use. Over the air software updates ensure your panel always has the latest and best features available. Control your entire home with the built-in Z-Wave Plus radio that securely connects to lights, locks, thermostats, garage openers and more. Built-in microphones and speakers allows you to talk directly to your monitoring station agent from the panel (where available). MicroSD card slot allows you to customize your photo frame or save photos taken by the panel camera and put them on your computer. On screen video tutorials make self-service easy and fast with videos on the most common issues. Message Center allows you to get messages about your system or from your service provider.



The award winning IQ Panel is a 7" HD touchscreen with built-in 5MP camera and multiple wireless radios including LTE, Wi-Fi ac, Z-Wave Plus, BLE and the new S-Line secure 319.5 radio. Leveraging the power of Android 5 and the QualComm Snapdragon SOC (system on a chip) the IQ Panel includes a built-in router, custom text-to-speech, and a clean, elegant, modern user interface. the IQ Panel keeps you connected to an entire ecosystem of smart devices giving you control over your entire home. QS9201-1200-840 (Verizon) QS9202-1200-840 (AT&T)

7" touchscreen for an easy, consistent experience. Upebzt!xfbuifs!xjui!5.ebz!gpsfdbtu/ Photoframe screensaver. Full Z-Wave Control (Lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors, etc). Built-in panel camera with disarm photos. Over the air software updates keeps your IQ Remote updated with the latest features. Chimes mirror the IQ Panel to let you know when doors or windows open, or doorbell rings. Fnfshfodz!qbojd!)qpmjdf-!sf-!nfejdbm*!fbtjmz!bddfttjcmf!gspn!uif!ipnf! screen. Pair up to three using IQ Panel Access Point or Home Network. Wall mount, table stand, and power supply included. * The IQ Remote connects with the IQ Panel 2.


IQ Remote

The IQ Remote is a secondary tablet that pairs directly with the IQ Panel 2 using the built in router. Not only does it provide a way to arm and dis- arm your IQ Panel 2 and see sensor status, but it gives you the features you don't get in your mobile app like chimes, emergency panics, and a siren. Running on a full Android operating system the IQ Remote can be upgraded over the air as new software upgrades are released.

QW9102-840 IQ Battery (Second Gen)

The IQ Battery is factory replacement of the IQ Panel 2 battery.


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