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DRONES, DRONE VIDEO SYSTEMS AND UAVS 825 Specially Designed for First Responders on a Budget The Draganflyer Guardian is an affordable high-performance UAV solution for law enforcement, firefighting and emergency responders. Crystal-clear real-time data that's proven to save lives, time and money. Our proven track record has made us the number one choice for law enforcement UAS systems. Its Ready-to-Fly Out of the rugged transport case this aircraft is ready to go. Set up and installation is very straight forward; simply snap the landing struts in place, attach the quick connect payload, install the battery, and you're flying in a matter of minutes. At Draganfly we know that transport case size, weight, and assembly time can be critical. We think you'll agree; the Draganflyer Guardian hits that sweet spot with size, capability, and at the same time, is a very practical solution. Original Manufacturer This is not a mass produced product stamped out of a production line but rather, a hand crafted aircraft built from carbon fiber and injection molded parts. In addition to the hardware engineering, at Draganfly we also design our own electronics and write our own software as well. Fail Safe Systems In the event of an excessively low battery condition or lost data link condition the helicopter will auto-land. Draganflyer Guardian Dimensions: - Width: 59.5cm (23.5) - Length: 59.5cm (23.5) - Top Diameter: 72.5cm (28.5) - Height: 25.5cm (10) Weight and payload: - Helicopter Weight with Battery: 1050g (2.3lbs) - Payload Capacity: 420g (0.9lbs) - Max Take-Off Weight: 1,470g (3.2lbs) Flight characteristics: - Max Climb Rate: 2m/s (6.5ft/s) - Max Descent Rate: 2m/s (6.5ft/s) - Max Turn Rate: 90 degrees/sec - Approx Max Air Speed: 50km/h (30mph) - Minimum Air Speed: 0km/h (0mph) - Launch Type: VTOL - Max altitude ASL 2,438m (8,000ft) - Approx Sound at 1 Meter Distance: 62db - Approx Sound at 3 Meters Distance: 50db Position Navigation Lights: - 1 watt LED Variable Brightness - Luminous Flux at Full Brightness 40lm - Aircraft LED Colors Red, Green, Blue and White DF-GUARDIAN-BASE Guardian Base Package DF-GUARDIAN-MAP Guardian Mapping Package

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