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Draganflyers Above All --- Save Lives Highly regarded as a leader in Public Safety aerial solutions, the Draganflyer X4-P is a technologically advanced platform designed for a wide variety of applications. Demanding applications such as high quality aerial photography, surveying, aerial 3D modeling, mapping, and agriculture. Practical and Reliable Draganfly Innovations designed and patented the folding airframe and with just one look you'll agree, we've hit the sweet spot with both our X4-P and Commander airframes. The size and power makes it one of the most practical systems on the market. Practical meaning ease of transport, interchangeable payloads, light characteristics, and speed/ease to deploy. The benefit is a system that can be flown in a variety of applications each and every day. High Quality Aerial Data With over 18 years in the industry Draganflyers are of the most robust and reliable systems on the market. An excellent selling point but honestly, you need a platform that consistently delivers high quality results. More and more, people are realizing the value of quality aerial data because quality data drives quality results. Results drive the success of a project and build both your reputation and your business.

Draganflyer X4-P

Dimensions: - Width: 87cm (34.25) - Length: 87cm (34.25) - Top Diameter: 107cm (42) - Height: 30cm (12) Weight and payload: - Helicopter Weight with Battery: 1,670g (3.7lbs) - Payload Capacity: 800g (1.8lbs) - Max Take-off weight: 2,470g (5.4lbs) Data-link and flight time: - Encrypted Control Data-link: 900Mhz - Encrypted Digital Video Down-link: 5.8Ghz or 2.4Ghz - Approx. Flight Time with Payload: 16 Minutes Position navigation lights: - 1watt LED Variable Brightness - Standard Aircraft Colors Red, Green and White DF-X4P-BASE X4-P Base Package DF-X4P-MAP X4-P Mapping Package DF-X4P-PS X4-P Public Safety Package DF-X4P-AG X4-P Agriculture Package DF-X4P-MAX X4-P Max Package

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