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DRONES, DRONE VIDEO SYSTEMS AND UAVS 827 Worlds Most Advanced Platform The Draganflyer Commander helicopter is a professional quality, powerful, easy to fly aerial platform specifically designed for high endurance applications for agriculture, public safety, search and rescue, mapping, aerial photography and much more. High Endurance The Commander is a high endurance system capable of safely lying 100 acres for high quality data acquisition with our 2-axis stabilized Sony QX100 payload and digital video down-link system. The high power dual battery system is connected using aerospace quality connectors and provides an extra layer of protection where if a single battery fails, the aircraft will continue to sustain flight to a safe landing. Like all aircraft, whether full size or unmanned, flight performance will vary based on weather and payload. With our light weight payloads the system will safely fly for up to 40 minutes, but please note, varying payload weight will affect flight time. Terrain Sensor The high quality range sensor provides a safe and reliable means to automatically take-off and land the aircraft. The range sensor is fully integrated into the autopilot system working in conjunction with a precision barometric sensor to provide the best in altitude performance. Draganflyer Commander Dimensions: - Width: 87.3cm (34.4) - Length: 87.3cm (34.4') - Top Diameter: 107cm (42) - Height: 29.46cm (11.6) Weight and Payload: - Helicopter with Battery: 2,750g (6lbs) - Payload Capacity: 1,000g (2.2lbs) - Max Take-off Weight: 3,750g (8.26lbs) Flight Characteristics: - Max Climb Rate: 2m/s (393.7ft/min) - Max Descent Rate: 2m/s (393.7ft/min) - Max Turn Rate: 90 degrees/sec - Max Operating Speed: 26.9knts (50km/hr) - Minimum Air Speed: 0km/h (0mph) - Launch Type: VTOL - Service Ceiling MSL 2,438m (8,000ft) Position Navigation Lights: - 1 watt LED Variable Brightness - Luminous Flux at Full Brightness 40lm - Standard Aircraft Colors Red, Green and White DF-CMDR-STILL Commander Still Photography Package DF-CMDR-BASE Commander Base Package DF-CMDR-MAP Commander Mapping Package DF-CMDR-PS Commander Public Safety Package DF-CMDR-AG Commander Agriculture Package DF-CMDR-MAX Commander Max Package DF-CMDR-AIRFRAME Commander Airframe

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