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Professional Flight Training

Training made simple

At Draganfly Innovations we've worked hard to develop a simple, cool, helicopter system that's easy to use and as you might expect, our proven training methodology follows the same innovative thinking. We've been training for years, the training is a good investment, and because we have access to an incredible indoor facility, training can be conducted year round whether it's raining, snowing, too cold, too windy or too hot. Too hot in Saskatoon, no, it doesn't happen very often, but if/when it does we're ready. You might think that because the Draganflyer systems feature a sophisticated autopilot, the autopilot is doing all the work for you. In some respects that's very true but we firmly believe at Draganfly to be safe operating any aircraft, the pilot in command (PIC) should develop the skills required to fly. Flying the helicopter is a process of controlling the orientation and altitude of the aircraft using the controller joysticks and requires good hand-eye coordination along with excellent depth perception. Like anything, to become good takes repetitive practice with a goal of taking these learned skills and transforming them into instinctive reactions. The actual schedule might vary from time-to-time but the bulk of your training hours are spent flying various flight drills. Our experienced staff take time to cover the theory of flight, safety in operating the equipment, and cover in detail what's involved to keep system software up-to-date. In addition to the basic training, your instructor will pass along real world flight experiences from various projects and experiences relayed to us from customers all over the world.


There are several good reasons to take the time and invest in good quality flight training. Whether you're an agency, business or individual, you're making a significant investment in both time and money to implement your sUAS system. Our flight instructors have hundreds of flight hours on the systems, are an intregal part of the helicopter systems development team, and have many years of experience. Whether you attend training at our factory in Canada or host training at your location, we believe you'll quickly develop the confidence and skills to comfortably pilot the Draganfly systems. And from there it's up to you, to keep flying and further develop your skills. Please also note that it varies by country, but in most cases authorities that govern your airspace will typically require certified factory training from the vendor to get permission to legally fly and operate the aircraft. World Class Instruction From The Industry Leader One-on-one professional flight training. Draganfly Innovations has been in the sUAS business over 18 years designing, building, operating and providing in-depth training. Our well designed two day training curriculum is a combination of book learning and extensive hands-on light training. Fully insured and Transport Canada approved, our experienced instructors get you flying safely while passing along first hand light experiences learned over the years.

Flight Training

Two-Day Certified System Training Comprehensive Flight Training Systems Safety Systems Maintenance Advanced Multi-Day Training

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Training At Your Location

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Flight Training 2-Day Course 1 or 2 People (Saskatoon)

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