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DRONES, DRONE VIDEO SYSTEMS AND UAVS 830 FlyMotion Unmanned Systems FLYMOTION'S RISE FlyMotion Unmanned Systems was formulated in 2014, and headquartered in Tampa, Florida. They have quickly become one of the most recognized, full-scale UAS solution companies because of the care they take in overseeing clients concepts from an abstract idea, to a concrete solution. The executive and creative teams engulf themselves in the artistry of advancing drone technology. Their promise is to deliver premier turnkey unmanned aerial systems and solutions while ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction and support. THE TRANSFORMATION We carry a heavy sense of responsibility to develop cutting-edge products that enrich the user experience across a vast plain of unmanned system applications. There is a profound shift where an abstract idea starts to take form yielding a concrete object full of utility and functionality. We call that object MAVERICK. FlyMotion MAVERICKs key attributes allow for multiple UAV (drone) flight stations capable of piloting several UAVs simultaneously. A microwave radome ingests multiple helicopter live video downlinks into the onboard video matrix system granting the user powerful input monitoring. Awarding-winning cellular bonding technology carries live HD video transmissions to any place in the world. This is MAVERICK, this is FlyMotion! DESIGN We have transformed a blank vehicular canvas into a technical work of art. Sculpting the interior and exterior of the vehicle in a way that is visually compelling, intuitive and easy to use. Remaining true to our original conceptual visions, FlyMotion remains committed to designing and engineering state of the art, dynamic vehicles that encompass many avenues of drone operations and data collection. Our clients imagination is the only defined limit. LOCAL MONITORING Weve incorporated wireless input/output (I/O) monitoring in and around the perimeter of MAVERICK to satisfy the largest of video ground control operations. Utilization of advanced encoder solutions grant multiple clients access to monitor MAVERICKs video I/Os from most laptops, iOS or Android devices in real-time with minimal latency. REDEFINED TECHNOLOGY Our technological solutions stand testament to a very deliberate, distinctive and simplistic collaborative thought process of what if. MAVERICKs ease of use light control interface permits piloting of multiple drones simultaneously. Our flight control system has been designed to accommodate numerous UAV makes and models, a cutting-edge achievement. MAVERICK's flight control and video downlink signal amplification capabilities offer unmatched operational range when you need it most. MAVERICK (FM201601) - A NEW MEANING OF FLIGHT

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