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The Colt Audio Earset microphones will allow Stampede to provide a economical but effective solution for most wireless beltpack systems where a small earset microphone is desired. The small earset technology has become the standard for speech applications in theater production, How and presentation applications. The location of the microphone element relative to the user's mouth far exceeds conventional lapel microphones. This location provides the user with consistent vocal pickup as the element remains at the same position no matter where they move their head. The boom of the microphone is thin and can be easily shaped to fit the ear and facial features of the user. The markets where this technology is desired but has been mostly unaffordable will be very open to the Colt product. High school and K-8 applications along with city theaters and other uses will greatly benefit from the effectiveness of the product while the cost is very acceptable. If someone loses or damages it, they are not spending hundreds of dollars to replace. Also, the replaceable cable allows for easy repair of the most common failure point which is the cable and connection to the wireless beltpack.

Professional Omni-directional microphone element Flexible boom that us easily shaped to fit over the ear of any user Detachable and interchangeable cable for universal use Versions available for most wireless beltpack applications Provides high quality voice and sound pickup Ultra-light weight and easy to use Designed for use for stage performance, speech, house of worship and any application requiring minimal microphone visibility and hands free operation


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