Big Book OF AV Page 842 Drones, Drone Video Systems and UAVs

DRONES, DRONE VIDEO SYSTEMS AND UAVS 842 The Global Leader in Digital Asset Management About Trackimo Trackimo is a U.S. based IoT (Internet of Things) solution provider with proprietary technology enabling worldwide connectivity for M2M (machine to machine) devices. Trackimo aspires to transform business models through the development of customizable radio frequency mobile technology solutions that are easy to implement and are user friendly, used globally with enhance security and reliability. Trackimo developed the world's smartest, most compact and cost effective tracking device providing user friendly and powerful options for keeping track of people and things people care for. Trackimo's product portfolio covers both consumer and enterprise business sectors including fleet tracking and logistics management solutions, customizable and scalable IoT platform, remote gateways and consumer tracking devices. Trackimo's goal is to transform business models and improve end user daily lives through the development of products that provide peace of mind, fast ROI and efficient, leading edge technology. Trackimo implements turnkey technologies that are ready to use without new infrastructure. Trackimo provides new ways of using voice and data anywhere worldwide. Whether dealing with a single device idea or a complex multi device requirement, Trackimo services are handed to the customer with the wide expertise, support and training required to implement an effective solution. Know Where Your Loved Ones Are and How Fast They are Travelling Locate Your Luggage When it Takes The Wrong Flight When Your Drone Flies Out of Sight You'll Know Where it Goes! .{y!{Previous Page
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