Big Book OF AV Page 845 Drones, Drone Video Systems and UAVs

DRONES, DRONE VIDEO SYSTEMS AND UAVS 845 Coverage for Your Drone Our hull insurance coverage gives you peace of mind and provides an easy solu- tion to get your drone back in the air. Your drone will be protected against theft and accidental damage under all commercial UAV applications. You can also add mul- tiple drones to your Hull Insurance policy. Coverage for Your Payload Along with your drone, our hull insurance provides coverage for your camera and other payloads. We understand your pay- load is a vital part of your business and our coverage ensures that you can keep your project moving. Your payload will be protected against accidental damage and theft. We will also replace, repair or pay for your drone when damaged in an accident or when lost or stolen WHICH COVERAGE IS RIGHT FOR YOU? UAV LIABILITY INSURANCE COVERAGE Accidental Property Damage Our liability insurance coverage provides protection against accidental damage to the property of others caused by your drone. Accidental Bodily Injury You are also covered against acciden- tal bodily injury to a person or persons caused by your drone. Legal Costs Our liability insurance covers the legal costs arising out of accidental damage or bodily injury caused by your drone. Purchase our liability insurance along with our hull insurance to get full coverage for your drone. Malicous Damage Coverage Our malicous damage option covers claims arising out of the malicious and wilful acts of others intending to cause damage to your drone. Multiple Drone Coverage Get coverage for multiple drones in just a few clicks and receive discounts on the premium per drone. Flight Test Insurance (No additional premium) Get flight test insurance coverage for no additional premium when buying an an- nual premium. Our hull, liability, and malicous damage cover offers the most comprehensive plan you need. FEATURES AND ADD-ONS Less expensive than our competitors 50% Discounts available for Graduates of unmanned vehicle university GET YOUR INSTANT QUOTE TODAY VISIT UVINSURANCE.COM OR CALL 1 844-680-3081

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