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AT A GLANCE Features Custom VideoBank frame-based media player supports conversion of full-motion video (FMV) file into still frames (30 fps) for frame-accurate mark-in/mark-out points associated with both video edit and placement of highlight/redaction overlay symbols. Multi-track system allows isolated tracking of each individual person and/or object in the camera view. Project review and modification prior to final publishing of redacted video file Original source content file is not modified, thus maintaining content as-recorded.

Analyzing and Sharing Digital Information

Semi-Automated Image Tracking and Redaction

With the proliferation of digital media from surveillance cameras, body and dash cameras, and evidentiary content, comes the need for capabilities that enable Law Enforcement and Security Professionals to comply with regulations, such as the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and to efficiently process large volumes of content in a cost-effective manner. The VideoBank Video Image Tracking/Redaction Utility provides image tracking with highlighting and/or redaction publishing. The custom VideoBank frame-based media player and multi-track system enable frame- accurate video editing and placement of highlight/redaction overlay symbols, as well as isolated tracking of each individual person and/or image-of-interest in the camera view.

Mobile App View of Tracking/Redaction Utility

The Video Image Tracking/Redaction Utility Enables Users to: Comply with government regulations, such as FOIA, to redact irrelevant individuals and objects from video and images. Handle the ever-increasing workload by virtue of an easy-to- use, streamlined workflow and user interface. Instantly share published tracked/ redacted video files in VMR and DCM user interfaces.

Track, Redact and Highlight Multiple Persons and/or Objects

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