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DRONES, DRONE VIDEO SYSTEMS AND UAVS 856 We are known for providing industry-leading unmanned systems solutions. Since 2008 XFLY SYSTEMS has pioneered the adoption of innovative new technologies, platforms, products, and services. Our journey began along side the DSLR revolution. When we figured out how to electronically stabilize the DSLRs that we mechanically attached to our RC helicopters, we were fascinated by the endless possibilities that one could achieve from shooting pictures from above. After spending years refining and capturing films and photos from our RC helis, we realized we had created a new market for the rigs we were using, and this is why XFLY was born. Today, XFLY continues to evolve and provides leading-edge unmanned aerial technologies (a.k.a. drones), UAS training and certification through Unmanned Vehicle University, and supports many media professionals, UAS contractors, academic R&D departments, and large commercial UAS markets. Our Mission: The XFLY is dedicated to making aerial imaging more accessible to our clients by offering high value products, services, training and certification. Our advanced knowledge of RC, flying, cinematography, film production,aerospace mechanics, consumer electronics, micro autopilots, camera stabilization and data science advances our thinking and that notion certainly fuels our passion. XFLY is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA. Our ready-to-fly platforms built by XFLY push the boundaries in the industry standard and are the finest that the market has to offer. All platforms come fully built, configured and balanced to ensure our clients the best quality video recording possible. Each copter is tested with up to two hours in the air and while in the air we also test receiver range and return to home . and when it is fully ready, we release it to the client. We are especially proud of our latest xFold series ready-to-fly (RTF) systems which were built for heavy duty users who wanted only the best on the market. xFold Mapper, Cinema and Dragon editions are made to last long and to be 100% safe. With X8 to X12 configurations available on our entire xFold line, professional operators now have the flexibility needed to configure their pro UAVs in order to meet the highest demands of professional aerial cinematography. Our xFold UAVs are built to be a true work horses for you. All our ready-to-fly platforms include: Multi-Rotor Pilot Operation Handbook Three Axis Brushless Gimbal System Dual FPV System with HD screens - HD Gimbal Operator, SD Pilot Two Lipo Batteries Software Flight Simulator AeroSim Two Smart Transport Cases Free Phone/Skype Support for Four Months Discounted Factory Training Certification PHANTOM

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