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DRONES, DRONE VIDEO SYSTEMS AND UAVS 859 xFold Mapper Specifications: Frame Configuration: x8, x12. Construction material: Motor plates, frame, arms and other key structural components use carbon fiber and aluminum for maximum strength. Recommended Motors: T-Motors U5, DJI e600 TPS or similar. ESC: T-Motors 60a. Propellers: 12" - 15" carbon fiber / wood / APC. Supported Flight Controller: DJI A2, DJI Wookong, Mikrokopter, PixHawk and other. Max Recommended Takeoff Weight: 30lbs. Battery Requirement: Lithium polymer (LiPo) 6s, 2x8,000mah (up to 20,000mah) 15c or more. Hover Time: - up to 30 minutes, depends on configuration. Operating Temperature: 14f-104f (-10c-40c). READY TO FLY (RTF) XFOLD MAPPER X8 RTF (SURVEYING, 3D MAPPING, GIS, AG, PIX4D OTC included) MAPPER-8URTF XFOLD MAPPER X12 RTF (SURVEYING, 3D MAPPING, GIS, AG, In Heavy Winds, PIX4D OTC included) MAPPER-12URTF Mapping DSLRs GH4, 5DMKIII Surveying Inspections Max Transportability DRONES d other minum for xFold Mapper x8 Configuration Designed for the 3D mapper, surveyor or landscape professional and enthusiast in mind. xFold customizable rig includes Naza V2 with GPS and gimbal for GoPro, IOSD mini, single radio, Pix4D. X12 config adds 40% more lift and is best used for windy conditions.

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