Big Book OF AV Page 860 Drones, Drone Video Systems and UAVs

DRONES, DRONE VIDEO SYSTEMS AND UAVS 860 xFold Cinema Specifications: Frame Configuration: x8, x12. Construction Material: Motor plates, frame, arms and other key structural components use carbon fiber and aluminum for maximum strength. Recommended Motors: T-Motors U7 (420kv / 490kv), KDE (4014 / 5215) or similar. ESC: T-Motors 80a, KDE 75a or similar. Propellers: 16" - 18" carbon fiber / wood / APC. Supported Flight Controller: DJI A2, DJI Wookong, Mikrokopter, PixHawk and other. Max Recommended Takeoff Weight: 55lbs. Battery Requirement: Lithium polymer (LiPo) 6s, 2x10,000mah (up to 40,000mah) 15c or more. Hover Time: - up to 30 minutes, depends on configuration. Operating Temperature: 14f-104f (-10c-40c). READY TO FLY (RTF) XFOLD CINEMA X8 RTF U7 (HL -RED EPIC, RED CARBON, ARRI ALEXA Mini, 3D SCANNER ) Cinema-8URTF XFOLD CINEMA X12 RTF U7 (RED EPIC, RED CARBON, ARRI ALEXA Mini, LIDAR, HEAVY WINDS) Cinema-12URTF x12 Configuration High End Productions RED EPIC ARRI ALEXA M 3D Scanners Feature Films xFold Cinema End Productions s This is certainly a rig for the Hollywood film crew. Turnkey dual operator drone with gimbal for large cameras, includes batteries and travel cases. x8 Configuration

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