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AutoMaker is the software used to layout your models, view the status of Robox and adjust the settings used during a printing or other operations. AutoMaker is available to download and can be installed in most languages on many operating systems including Windows, MacOS and Linux. Without a Robox attached there is limited functionality, a user can load a .stl or .obj ile and manipulate it. Connect a Robox to allow printing in Draft, Normal, Fine or Custom within three very simple steps. Opening the Advanced Tray enables a huge array of settings, each is clearly described and sorted into easily recognizable sections. Save custom settings if you want to repeat a print or share it with other users. Custom print settings are saved as text based .roboxprofile iles in the users documents folder and a PrintJobs folder is created containing all the settings and code used for every print that is created. The goal from the beginning with AutoMaker has been to make 3D printing easier, we want users to concentrate on designing parts to print, not needing to fiddle with the print settings to try to get a result. Our default settings are tried and tested using our filament and allow even a complete novice user to get a repeatable and consistent result every time. Advanced users have all the control required to satisfy even the most complex print jobs and are able to easily share their custom profiles with all of us. Features: QuickFill Dual Nozzle Technology Auto Z Height Calibration Tapeless High Performance Magic Bed Material HeadLock Quick Change Head System Extruder ContraRotary Gripping Worm Gear Automatic Material Recognition and Instant Loading Automatic Head Recognition DraftBlocking Build Chamber 2 Minutes Fast Heat-up Time Plug and Play No Set Up or Building Required Box Contents: Dual Nozzle FFF Print Head (RBX01-SM) 1 SmartReel (~240m) - ABS Polar White Set of 4 Cleanup Tools Bottle of Axis Lubricant (7ml) Bed Cleaning Wipes (10pcs) 1 Pair of Tweezers 1GB USB Drive 2m USB Cable 2m IEC C6 AC Power Cable Quick Start Guide Safety Information Booklet Warranty Registration Card Specifications Size (LxWxH) - 370 x 340 x 240mm (14.5 x 13.4 x 9.4) Power Requirements - 100-240VAC, ~4A, 50-60Hz Connectivity - USB and IEC C5 AC Cable Software Bundle - Robox AutoMaker File Types - .stl, .obj Software Compatibility - Windows (7, 8), Mac OS x (10.6 x64/10.7+), Ubuntu Linux (12.04+), Windows XP (Subject to Different PC Configuration)

RBX01 Robox 3D Printer

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