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LCM1U Large Single Ceiling Mount

Also Available: MCM1U Medium Ceiling Mount

WBM4E Interactive Display Mount

SPECIFICATIONS Display Size 50 - 80" Manual Height Adjust 16" (406mm) in 1" (25mm) Increments Micro Height Adjust 1.5" (38mm) Lateral Shift Min. 5.625" (143mm) Max. 10.625" (270mm) Weight Capacity 310lbs (140.6kg)

Why Fusion Dynamic?

See how easy Fusion Dynamic is to adjust by watching the video at milestone.com/HeavyLifting

LSD1U Dynamic Height Adjustable Wall Mount

Also Available: MSD1U for 73-136lbs (33-61kg) Displays

LPD1U Dynamic Height Adjustable Cart

Also Available: MPD1U for 69-133lbs (32-60kg) and Floor Support Models

Fusion Dynamic Height Adjustable Mounts

SPECIFICATIONS Weight Range 125-180lbs (57-81 kg) Vertical 15.75" (400mm) Adjustment Color Black SPECIFICATIONS Weight Range 122-177lbs (56-80 kg) Vertical 15.75" (400mm) Adjustment Color Black

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