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Our Vision

Create products that enable what was once impossible.

Our Mission

Remove barriers to unrestricted camera movement.

The gear is unbelievable. The service blows me away.

Art + Technology + Innovation

We make handheld/aerial gimbals and remote vehicles/drones. But our broader vision and mission is much more ambitious. We are driven to deliver product innovations that enable our customers to do what was once impossible. Im!1/02+!vd!qdkdrdc!sgd!LUH!!`!ehqrs,ne,hsr!jhmc!gmcgdkc! fhlk!sgs!gr!qdunktshnmhydc!sgd!vnqkc!ne!bldq!rsahkhyshnm-! In 2015 and 2016 we introduced the ALTA 6 and ALTA 8, respectively. The ALTA is a drone that, once again, set a mdv!rsmcqc!enq!bhmdl,ptkhsx!dqhkr-!Vhsg!enkchmf!annlr+! sgd!ahkhsx!sn!sno,lntms!sgd!bldq+!`mc!dpthoodc!vhsg!sgd! Rxmord!ekhfgs!bnmsqnkkdq+!@KS@!5!`mc!7!`qd!sgd!bgnhbd!ne!sgd! adrs!dqhk!ehklljdqr!sgd!vnqkc!nudq-!Xnt!bm!ad!rtqd!ntq! cdudknoldms!sdl!hr!vnqjhmf!nm!sgd!mdws!!ats!rtqdkx!mns!sgd! krs!!ehqrs!ne!hsr!jhmc- Wghkd!Eqddekx&r!oqnctbsr!gud!addm!hlhssdc+!oqnedrrhnmkr! bnmshmtd!sn!stqm!sn!Eqddekx!enq!sgd!adrs!odqenqlhmf+!lnrs!qdkhakd! bldq!lnudldms!sdbg!hkakd-!Ntq!enbtr!nm!sdbgmhbk! support allows us to hear our customers, solve their problems and support their businesses so that we can witness their amazing results.

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