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Drones are an integral part of all forms of filming in television and major motion pictures. The ease of use, reduced cost and reduced storage requirements are enabling more and more Cinematographers to employe drones and operators. Learn from the experts that have actually worked on filming, everything from advertising and commercials to major films. UVU's instructors can not only teach you the basics of drone operation so you're an expert pilot, but also the nuances of cinematography that will enable you to "get the shot" the director desires. Drones carry a lot more than picture and video cameras, there is an emerging sensor industry including LIDAR, Radar, IR and multi-spectral sensors. These capabilities offer far more information then just a photograph. The requirements to understand and effectively use these sensors will be a mainstay in drone operation. Learn from UVU's instructors the different models, capabilities, and how to fly in this new field. Drones are increasingly employed in agricultural requirements; crop health monitoring, area surveys, and watering patterns are just some of the areas drones are assisting farmers with increasing harvest yields. This market will increase significantly over the next several years as the strain on food-producers grows. Be trained by some of UVU's instructors that have worked directly with growers, and become an important asset of this exciting industry. Aerial images of properties are becoming the norm. In the past, this required an expensive and time-consuming use of a manned-aircraft but now drones are the smart solution. Discover what shots are best, which angles and views will enable the agent to portray the property in the best possible light and join in this emerging field. UVU has documented over 300 uses for commercial drones, and that number grows every single day. UVU offers specialized courses with experts for several of the more specialized and popular industries drones are employed. These specialized courses are tailored to your individual desires and needs, and can be from one to five extra days long in addition to the basic two day fundamentals training. Some of the specialized topics include:

Cinematography Agriculture Innovative sensors Real Estate

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