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Big Book OF AV - Page 913 Drones, Drone Video Systems And UAVs



Drones are optimally suited to perform on-site 3D missions without putting human lives in danger.

The collaboration of Vidyo's video conferencing combined with aerial drones provides promising and powerful technologies to improve disaster response and relief operations. Drones complement traditional manned relief operations by helping to ensure that operations can be eqpfwevgf!uchgt.!hcuvgt.!cpf!oqtg!ghekgpvn{0! When a disaster occurs, video conferencing and drones provide instant communications with better situational awareness, help locate survivors amidst the rubble, perform structural analysis of damaged infrastructure, deliver needed supplies and equipment, and help evacuate casualties - among many other potential applications. VidyoReplay allows audio, video, content and communications to be recorded for playback cnnqykpi!tuv!tgurqpfgtu!vjg!cdknkv{!vq!cpcn{ g!hqt! process improvement for future relief efforts.

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