Big Book OF AV Page 947 Education and Classroom Solutions

EDUCATION AND CLASSROOM SOLUTIONS 947 High Performance 24/7 Linux Players Networked via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G etc. 32GB to 128GB SSD model dependant, ideal for rich media. Multi-zone: Unlimited number of zones in any size, position, layer or time. Multiple templates in a channel. Drag and drop template and playlist design. Easy connection to external content: TV, streams, RSS, Web, databases etc. All features are in the base package except: Streaming in Client Touch License Wi-Fi License One time purchase, no recurring fee. Simple user interface for local content update of text and images. Support for custom screen resolutions. Multilingual Web browser in the following languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (traditional and simplified) Deliver the right message to the right place at the right time Build sophisticated playlists quickly and easily using the drag-and-drop playlist editor and advanced playlisting features including: Day parting-time based playback rules. Playback based on meta-tagging. Random or sequential playback for folders of content. Folder mirror to external network share. Inter-zone triggering and synchronization. Simplified user interface for local instant updates by local users, such as receptionists. PRO 4K VIDEO WALL PLAYER STANDARD HD SIGNAGE PLAYER RETAIL HD SIGNAGE PLAYER NTB PLAYER ONE TIME OPTIONS 4K Multizone Intel OPS Screens HD Multizone Fanless HD Multizone HD Multizone NTB-HD-10-S NTB-HD-10F-S NTB-HD-RTL1F-S NTB-SUPU RTL-UP-HD1 Wi-Fi-IN STREAM-IN TOUCH-INT USB-RS232 HD 1 Zone Full Screen Upgrade Player to Network Publisher Upgrade RTL Player to 5 Zones Wi-Fi Stream In License Touch License USB RS232 NTB-4K-1000-S Intel I3, 128GB SSD, 8 GB RAM Intel Celeron, 60GB SSD, 2 GB RAM Add Network Publisher Capability to Pro 4K or Standard HD Signage Player Upgrade the Retail Player to 5 Zones Wi-Fi Capability Installed at Point of Order Video Streaming Client for MPEG/UDP/IP/Ethernet (Multicast) Enables NTB to Interface to USB HID Class Touch Overlays USB RS-232 Adapter NTB-OPS-HD-10-S

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