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Working with ONELAN for Your Project Retail and QSR Networks

Suggested Solution

HD Screens SOC Single Zone License or NTB-RTL1 appliance 4k Video Walls: ONELAN NTB-4K-1000 LED Video Walls: ONELAN NTB4k-1000 Content Management: CMS-VA


Stable and reliable 24/7. Player failover mechanism assures that critical content is always displayed. Create maximum impact with synchronized content across multiple screens. Check status using player screen grab, monitoring, alarms and remote management tools. Choose the right mix of SOC screens and/or players to match budget and requirements. Scale up to large networks of 10,000+ players. Maximize security with an on-premise solution. Quickly distribute pricing updates with EPOS integration. Update local content in real time with in store manager control. Maximize engagement with hyper targeted content using meta data tagging. Create ambience with separate audio playlists. Minimize network disruptions with bandwidth management tools. Prove return on investment through analysis of proof of play data against sales. Minimize downtime. Scale networks to 10,000s of players.

Having been in the digital signage industry from its infancy, ONELAN has knowledge and expertise across an incredibly wide range of applications. As well as a core set of features, ONELAN has products and specific enhancements tailored to each key digital signage vertical.

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