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Infrared Wireless Transmitter/Microphones AL2430 Integrated Receiver / Amplifier 5.4"

Actual Size

The versatile and ergonomic AL-MYNA pendant/handheld microphone transmitter allows both teachers and students freedom of movement without bulky electronics or cumbersome wires. The dual mode transmitter allows teachers to control microphone volume, overall system volume and mute settings via side-mounted soft touch controls. In addition, when "PANIC" and "MODE" controls are pressed simultaneously for three seconds a contact closure is triggered on the AL2430 receiver. This contact closure may be integrated with most any intercom or IP based notification system to signal an emergency condition in the classroom. When transmitter is configured for "student" mode operation, all controls are bypassed restricting the device's functionality for use as a wireless microphone only.

Infrared Wireless Transmitter/Microphones

The Atlas Learn AL-MAGPIE infrared wireless microphone delivers high quality audio that helps increase student engagement and ensures that every student has the chance to be the best that they can be. The microphones can be set to either "A" or "B", additionally one can be locked out to function as a student microphone with limited functionality if needed. Each wireless microphone has a volume control for adjusting the volume of that microphone relative to the user's voice. One of the most unique features of the Atlas Learn wireless microphones is their incorporation of a "PANIC" feature. This panic feature allows a teacher to signal the administration or security office in the event that an emergency situation arises in the classroom. On the MAGPIE microphone, the two red PANIC buttons can be depressed for three seconds to initiate the emergency signal. The compact, ergonomically designed AL2430 receiver/amplifier provides intuitive control of all system components, visual indication of system status and interface for "panic" condition feedback to secondary security systems. With inputs included to accommodate most any multimedia source, dedicated AV systems are no longer needed saving valuable space in the classroom. For most classroom applications one transmitter is configured for teacher's voice reinforcement with the second transmitter dedicated for student's use. Charging Station

A battery charging station is required for both the AL-MYNA and AL-MAGPIE wireless transmitters and each "NEST" can charge two transmitters simultaneously.

Infrared Sensors

Up to three infrared dome sensors may be utilized with the AL-IRDS receiver/ amplifier.

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