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wePresent's WiCS-2100 is a simple to use wireless presentation collaboration solution that allows presentation, interaction and collaboration between users with any kind of device. WiCS- 2100 is the first wePresent unit to offer eco standby mode which allows for reduced power consumption without compromising any performance or reliability. Eco standby mode utilizes discreet power to maintain functionality while conserving energy use. Cross-Platform Compatibility - Works with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and ChromeBook. Wireless Access Point - Use as a wireless access point for your wireless network, or as a dedicated, hardwired presentation device. Share audio and video content from a Chromebook or Android device, using Google's native Chromecast protocol. Fully integrate audio/video content from an IOS device, using Apple's native AirPlay protocol. On screen user preview displays thumbnails of all connected devices for immediate preview. Dynamic screen layout that allows multiple presenter's content to configure automatically to optimize display. 4-to-1 Projection - One wePresent can support up to four separate displays. Power Over Ethernet Use a powered LAN cable to avoid the need for power adapters. Onscreen Annotation Write and draw on your presentation, save your annotations to a USB drive. SidePad Functionality Use your phone or tablet to control and annotate your presentation. Virtual Whiteboard Use the SidePad functionality, touch display, or AirPad accessory to use the wePresent as a virtual whiteboard. 64-User Queue with Conference Control Up to 64 users can connect, and moderator controls allow you to display up to four of their devices at a time.

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