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WE RECOMMEND COMMERCIAL DISPLAYS AND TELEVISIONS 97 55" Professional LED Displays Sharp's PN-U553 professional LED display clearly has what it takes to get your message across. Designed for maximum impact, built for 24/7 durability, and sized for flexible installation, this 55" class (54.7" diagonal) display represents a dynamic new indoor digital signage solution. Thin and lightweight enough to ensure an easy fit in stores, offices, and public spaces, the PN-U553 display boasts the outstanding image quality needed to deliver truly compelling signage. PN-U553 SHARP PN-U AND PN-E SERIES INPUTS/OUTPUTS: Screen Size 60" Class (60.1" Diagonal) Resolution 1920 x 1080 (1080p) Brightness 450 cd/m 2 Response Time 6ms Contrast Ratio 4,000:1 Viewing Angle 176/176 Aspect Ratio 16:9 Weight 70.5Ibs Built-in Tuner No Power Consumption 180W (Max) Intergrated Speakers Yes (10W + 10W) VESA Compatible YES SPECIFICATIONS: 60" Class Professional LED Display Sharp's 60" class (60.1" diagonal) PNE603 professional display combines Full-HD image quality, a stylishly thin profile, and energy efficiency to create an appealing professional signage solution for a wide range of applications. With its sleek design, around-the-clock operation, and support for landscape and portrait installations, this display offers an amazing degree of flexibility. In hotel lobbies, conference rooms, retail spaces and elsewhere, the PNE603 will grab and keep the attention of your target audience. PNE603 LCD panel incorporate Sharp's UV2A* technology, which prevents light leakage and ensures highly efficient use of light from the backlight. PN-E603 LED INPUTS/OUTPUTS: Screen Size 55" (54.7" Diagonal) Resolution 1920 x 1080 (1080P) Brightness 700 cd/m 2 Contrast Ratio 4,000:1 Viewing Angle 178 Response Time 12ms Aspect Ratio 16:9 Built-in Tuner No Power Consumption 130W Frame Rate 50/60Hz Integrated Speakers 10W + 10W Pixel Pitch 0.630 x 0.630mm SPECIFICATIONS: 3.5mm VGA HDMI Stereo RS-232 Ethernet Display Port DVI 3 BNC VGA RS-232 Stereo Composite RCA Display Port HDMI Ethernet DVI F1000-UPS AC Line Voltage Regulator Furman proudly introduces the F1000-UPS: battery backup designed exclusively for Audio Video professionals and home theater aficionados.For decades, traditional Audio Video components were simple analog devices designed to easily weather power outages of well over two seconds. Later, as computer and microprocessor based components gained in popularity, their extraordinary sensitivity to even a fraction of a second's power loss was managed with traditional UPS technology. ELCO J EL-60 EZ-LIFT TV Lift Case for 55"-65" Flat Screen The ROI on your investment just went up! Your previously stationary flat screen monitor has now been mobilized. JELCO's EZ-LIFT, the original industry first lift case, is designed to make shipping, displaying, and protection of your large flat screen monitors practical and cost-effective. The EZ-LIFT mechanism gently raises the large flat screen monitor into viewing position.

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